Myths about birth control pills


Birth control pills are one of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In fact, you buy birth control pill, it does much more than only pregnancy conception. You can get regular periods once you stop the pill dosage. Also, you become as fertile as you were before taking the medication.

Following are some widely spread myths about birth control pills which should be ignored by people.

  • Women who are breastfeeding cannot take birth control pills

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This is another myth which prances in a mother’s mind. It is not unusual to feel insecure, however, one has to clear the air as no woman wants to end up being pregnant unintentionally. Birth control medication such as loette pills can be taken during the breastfeeding period. read more

What are the other benefits of birth control pills?


Birth control medications undoubtedly help women to prevent unintended pregnancy. What should interest you is that it does not end here! Birth medications such as Ovral, Ovral G do a lot more than preventing a pregnancy. Most importantly, it does affect your future pregnancy which has helped in building confidence in women to have safer sexual intercourse using contraceptives. In this digitalized world, buying Ovral contraceptive pill online has become much easier, reaching every woman out there across the globe. read more

Expert’s Take: How does Generic RU486 end your early pregnancy?

generic RU486

Generic RU486 is a pregnancy termination medicine which was first introduced in New Zealand. Though the number of women using Generic RU486 medication to terminate their pregnancy has increased lately, there’s still lack of awareness regarding its usage, mechanism, and importance.

The role of Generic RU486 in abortion:

Progesterone is a natural hormone which is responsible for the growth of pregnancy as it is essential to maintain the lining of the uterus during conception. Generic RU486 is a medication that blocks a hormone called Progesterone. It empties the womb of progesterone due to which the lining of womb gets detached. It is mislaid along with the developing embryo or fetus. read more

Will I Ever Need Two Doses Of The Abortion Pills?


Every woman responds differently to the Mifepristone-Misoprostol abortion pill regimen. With advancing gestation, a single dose of the two drugs may not bring about complete abortion. In women who are 8 weeks or more into pregnancy, a second dose of Misoprostol increases the efficacy of medical termination and significantly reduces the chances of a continued pregnancy. No extra doses of Mifepristone are recommended.

How do I know that I need a second dose?

If the abortion is not complete with a single administration of the medicines, symptoms of pregnancy will prevail. It will be accompanied by one or more of the following signs: read more

Up To How Many Weeks Can I Get A Medical Abortion?


The answer

Medical abortion is advisable for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. This accounts for about 70 days from your last period. The time frame appropriate for the medication is considered to be between the 4th and the 10th week. The earlier you take the medicines in this time period, the better the efficiency. The overall efficiency however remains as high as 94%. To ensure a successful abortion, and to reduce chances of complications, it is crucial to calculate your gestation period accurately. read more

How soon can I use contraception after abortion?


The female body is caused great stress during the abortion phase. It requires time to heal. Thusly, you are expected to wait for complete recovery before you start having sexual intercourse again. Abortion, however, does not affect your fertility. The menstrual cycle is reset shortly after the pregnancy termination procedure and there is a risk of pregnancy as soon as you resume sexual relations. So, if you do not wish to get pregnant at this time, it is crucial to begin using contraceptives. read more

Things You need to Know About Post Abortion Menstrual Cycle

buy abortion pills

Abortion decision for a woman is seldom a critical one. Many women across the world buy abortion pills to perform medical abortion yet they are unaware of after the effects of pregnancy termination and what can they expect in the post abortion menstrual cycle. Here are some insights that you need to know regarding menstrual periods after pregnancy termination.

How is your menstrual cycle after an abortion?

When you undergo medical pregnancy termination, you experience heavy bleeding post second dosage i.e. consumption of misoprostol. During this period, your body expels fetus remainders if left any in the body.  Fetal tissues, other debris from the uterus and other clots get removed from the body through this vaginal bleeding. It can possibly take few days or weeks read more

Is the interval between Mifepristone and Misoprostol crucial?


Medical abortion has proven to be an effective alternative to surgical abortion. It is available to women in all kinds of healthcare settings. The rate of complete abortion with Mifeprex and Misoprostol has been reported to be over 95%. A number of complications that women come across are however a result of the failure to understand the complex dose regimen of the pills.

What do the pills do?

The Mifeprex pill acts as primary medication in the pregnancy termination process. You can either buy Mifeprex from a pharmacy or the wide range of online websites available. The Mifeprex abortion pill is also known as mifepristone and works to block progesterone activity. It binds to the progesterone receptors of the female reproductive system with greater affinity than the hormone itself. It thereby acts as an anti-progestin. The result of this anti-progestin activity is a breakdown of the endometrium and separation of the trophoblast from it. read more

Was your medical abortion successful?

In a surgical abortion procedure, the contents of pregnancy are removed using medical tools. So, you’re sure that your pregnancy has been terminated. But in the case of a medical abortion, how do you know that the medication has been successful?

Signs of a successful abortion

Every woman’s body is different and might respond to the tablets in Abortion Pill Kit differently. There is a diverse range of symptoms. But the mechanism of these pills is such that some of these are inevitable.

Cramping is one of them. It occurs as a result of uterine contractions. And, bleeding results from the passage of pregnancy sections. The MTP Kit comes with drugs that relieve a few other expected side-effects like nausea. However, none of these are a direct sign that the fetus has been aborted. read more

3 Main Reasons Why Women Choose To Terminate Their Early Pregnancy

Even if it seems beyond belief to some, terminating the pregnancy is the only way out for some to deal with unwanted circumstances. According to a reputed pro-choice research institute, many surveys and research have been done to analyze the various situations that lead women to have an abortion.

In this survey, top three answers given by women are –

        • Many respondents answered that if they had continued their pregnancies it would have a negative impact on their life.
        • Many women stated that they bought abortion pill online or from clinics because they were in a difficult financial situation and medical abortion from the online pharmacy was affordable.
        • While others concluded that their unwillingness to become a parent had led them to choose to pregnancy termination.
        • There are a number of females who do not wish to be a mother and therefore choose to have an abortion. On the other hand, there are other females who go through pregnancy termination but want to have children in the future.
        • Unwanted pregnancy will affect their lives negatively:

        If this reason is just taken on its face value, some may see it as shallow; however, a pregnancy occurring on a wrong time and place has the potential to have a lifelong negative impact on the woman. Her basic requirements to have a fulfilling life can remain incomplete – for instance her education, career, earning a living or even raising a family etc. can be affected. This is why many women’s rights group opine that women should be able to buy abortion pill or get surgery on demand. read more