MTP Kit Dosage Suits Women Requiring Abortion

MTP Kit Dosage

Medication Abortion is obtaining popularity amidst females against surgical process of termination. A higher numbers of females are opting for MTP Kit online option to acquire the necessary drugs. The pills in the pack block progesterone, contract womb, and finally dispel fetal parts in the period of 14 days. But, the usage of termination pills is not safe in gestation period of more than 12 weeks. It can be used in first trimester of 70 days.

Symptoms and Medical Attention:

Both prostaglandin tablets and anti-progesterone pills are used in completing abortion. If the person is not able to access the pills from a nearby hospital, then she can buy MTP Kit online. Heavy bleeding and Cramping are part of the regimen. Rarely does any life-threatening bleeding or serious events take place. Risks to sepsis, infections, etc. are as well very less. read more

What are the Advantages of taking Abortion Pills?

What are the advantages of taking abortion pills

According to the new statistics, approximately 50% of abortions carried out are in first trimester of pregnancy and through Abortion Pills. Medical abortion has become the most popular method among women for termination of early pregnancy.

There is no separate preparation needed for using abortion pills other than you must check yourself to be eligible for medical pregnancy termination and eat light before taking the medication to prevent nausea. Women choosing to take Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills must be aware of the uterine spasms and vaginal bleeding during the procedure. read more

What is the Best Diet to follow after Abortion for Quick Recovery?

best diet to follow after abortion for quick recovery

The Abortion Pill procedure results in a lot of bleeding, which is essential in the completion of a pregnancy termination procedure. Since your body goes through a lot of changes to support the pregnancy nutritionally, a lot of your body’s’ iron, vitamin and other nutrients are lost during the pregnancy termination.

The Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills act together resulting in a lot of cramping and bleeding, which decreases the levels of vitamin B9, B2 and B12, iron and riboflavin in your system. Therefore, to reduce the risk of anemia or osteoporosis, you must follow a healthy diet in order to maintain the nutritive balance among all food groups, particularly in vitamin B, calcium and iron. read more

Things to be known while planning a pregnancy after a pregnancy termination

Planning a pregnancy

If the abortion has been carried out medically, probability of complication are almost zero. Physicians normally advise to wait for months, so as to heal the body and attend to before deficiencies, if any. In case there have been any complications, the medical reasons must be analyzed and then proper measures should be taken. There are some women who actually do not give their bodies time to heal, and then this puts both of them and the baby in considerable risk. It is best to discuss with GYN prior to actually conceiving post abortion. read more

Is there any Link between Medical Abortion and Breast Cancer?

Medical Abortion and Breast Cancer?Medical Pregnancy Termination may jump start many feelings towards the process due to political, religious, or personal views attached to it. However, seldom do any of us connect it to a health condition like breast cancer.  At present, majority of females buy abortion pills as a lot many of them have forgone surgical aspiration, and having these hormonal pills in ending a pregnancy that is 10 weeks or less.

Following many debates regarding medication abortions over rising risk to cancer tumors, plenty of researches were launched to know the nature of the problem. read more

Do I Need To Have An Ultrasound After My Medical Abortion?

home abortion kit

Medical termination of pregnancy is accomplished with two medications, i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are anti-progesterone and prostaglandin analogue. The pills together work to stop the pregnancy hormones and stop the growth of the embryo.

When the growth of the pregnancy is stopped, the embryo is detached. After taking Misoprostol pills, which is a drug that is ecbolic in nature and causes uterine contraction, causes the separated embryonic tissues to be expelled via vaginal discharge. read more

Does Terminating Pregnancy Increase The Risk Of Miscarriage In Future?

Does Terminating Pregnancy Increase The Risk Of Miscarriage In Future

The subject of pregnancy termination is bound to inspire heated debates. Unfortunately, a lot of half-truths, misunderstandings, and myths get circulated while discussing abortion subject as well. One such knows an argument is about how abortion affects a woman’s psychological and physical health.

So is it true that terminating pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage or complications in the future pregnancy?

The studies behind abortion and consequent miscarriage

There has been some research done which have suggested the link in between aborting and future miscarriages, however, no proof of the link has been found yet. read more

Effectiveness of Oral Birth Control

Effectiveness of Oral Birth Control

When the pill is used by you every single day, it’s great at preventing pregnancy. However missing birth control pills, taking certain pills and other things may make it not work as well.

How effective is the birth control pill?

When the pill is taken appropriately, it is 99% effective. However, when it comes to real life, the medicine is about 91% effective because it can be hard to be perfect. So in the actual world, 9 out of 100 pill users get pregnant every year. The better you are about taking your pill daily at the same time and beginning your pill pack on time, the better it will work. However, the chances that you could still get pregnant is very less, even if you always take your pills properly. If you decide the pill is right for you, ensure you take them on time for the best effectiveness. read more

Get Your Questions Cleared About The Medical Abortion

Get your questions cleared about the medical abortion

Abortion in General

  1. How safe are abortions?   

Abortions in the first eight weeks are the safest; problems that occur in this time period are extremely rare. Medical abortion is only allowed in the first 10 weeks of gestation and has about 96%-97% of success rates without any complications.

  1. How soon can you have an abortion?

Medically you have to be within 8 weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP) [or within 10 weeks’ gestation limit]. The Abortion tablet is an option as soon as pregnancy can be determined by ultrasound (sonogram).

On the other hand, you can take the abortion pill to end a pregnancy which is as early as a week [it takes at least one week for pregnancy to form]. read more

NuvaRing: Vaginal Birth Control Ring

NuvaRing Vaginal Birth Control Ring

What is NuvaRing?

The NuvaRing is a birth control option for females. It’s a small, transparent, and flexible contraceptive ring, about the size of a silver dollar. The product releases a constant low dose of the synthetic hormones progestin and estrogen.

How does it function?

The ring ceases ovulation. It is inserted by the user and remains in the vagina for 3 weeks. The birth control NuvaRing is then removed for one week during that bleeding will take place. A new ring is used every month. read more