Abortion Pills and its benefits

Post-FDA approval, MTP kit has become one of the widely used product for abortion pills as it contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol both to end the pregnancy. When you perform a medical abortion with pills approved by FDA, it is indeed going to end your unwanted pregnancy safely. When you buy abortion pills, you essentially buy antiprogesterone pill such as Mifepristone along with a prostag...
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What does menstrual periods say about women health?

Menstruation is a subject which is often followed by myths and misconceptions in the society. A woman typically monitors her menstrual cycle. One may freak out on a missed period if suspected and an unwanted pregnancy. There are online abortion pills available to end the pregnancy in such cases. However, one must ensure that there’s no recurrence of the abortion-like situation and use contra...
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How to Find an Online Pharmacy You Can Trust

  There are many online pharmacies which sell abortion pills online. Choosing the right one is important. This blog helps you find a safe online pharmacy which can be trusted for medical abortion. Whenever you search for abortion pills on the search engine, the results are given on the first page and the first team may not always land you on a safe online pharmacy website. You must ...
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28th September International Safe Abortion Day-Safe Abortion: Women’s Right

Before abortion was decriminalized in many countries, there were still abortions taking place. However, as women could not openly learn the methods of safe abortion, there had been many malpractices cases of pregnancy termination leading to fatal consequences. It clearly shows the need for and importance of education about safe abortion and its decriminalization. The society must understand the...
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Social and personal life during an abortion process.

In an interview with a 28-old-year-lady who aborted her pregnancy due to financial reasons, she was asked how does it feel like to have an abortion on which she replied, a war with yourself! Society is going to be a factor impacting your abortion decision, however, it is you and your thoughts with whom you fight and win over! Here’s what you can do to stay calm during the process pregnan...
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Who is eligible for a medical termination of pregnancy.

Medical termination of pregnancy is an easy method which can be performed at home. Since the method is cheaper than the other methods of abortion and it also allows women to enjoy complete privacy, it is one of the widely demonstrated methods in the world. Before you buy abortion pills, you must understand the eligibility for the medical abortion process. You must also learn the administra...
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Does medical abortion affect on your career?

There remains a huge number of women who cannot compromise with their work for an abortion. The case evident especially in women who abort their pregnancy due to the priority is given to their career and financial needs. Buying abortion pills online from a safe online pharmacy becomes easier for such women as they do not have to go out or travel to other regions in the search of abortion medic...
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FDA approved abortion pills to end an unwanted pregnancy

In September 2000, Food and Drug Administration of the USA approved certain abortion pills to end an early and unintended pregnancy. The declaration reduced many unhealthy and wrong practices of pregnancy termination as women started getting a proper prescription of abortion pills to end their pregnancy at home. What are FDA approved medicines for a medical abortion? Food and Drug Admi...
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How to Care for Yourself After a Medical abortion?

A lot has been said about the medical abortion procedure and how to administer the MTP kit etc. However, there’s not much information about the after-part of the abortion procedure. When you buy abortion pills and administer them to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of things. The blog talks about what you should be doing immediately after taking abortion pill dosa...
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How should you maintain hygiene during a medical abortion?

Vaginal health is important, whether you are pregnant, undergoing a medical abortion process or living a normal life.  Every woman should pay attention towards her vaginal health. It becomes even more vital to look after your vagina during pregnancy termination process since the vagina becomes vulnerable during this time. Many women still do not understand how to keep their vagina healthy and...
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