Social and personal life during an abortion process.

In an interview with a 28-old-year-lady who aborted her pregnancy due to financial reasons, she was asked how does it feel like to have an abortion on which she replied, a war with yourself! Society is going to be a factor impacting your abortion decision, however, it is you and your thoughts with whom you fight and win over! Here’s what you can do to stay calm during the process pregnan...
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Who is eligible for a medical termination of pregnancy.

Medical termination of pregnancy is an easy method which can be performed at home. Since the method is cheaper than the other methods of abortion and it also allows women to enjoy complete privacy, it is one of the widely demonstrated methods in the world. Before you buy abortion pills, you must understand the eligibility for the medical abortion process. You must also learn the administra...
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Does medical abortion affect on your career?

There remains a huge number of women who cannot compromise with their work for an abortion. The case evident especially in women who abort their pregnancy due to the priority is given to their career and financial needs. Buying abortion pills online from a safe online pharmacy becomes easier for such women as they do not have to go out or travel to other regions in the search of abortion medic...
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FDA approved abortion pills to end an unwanted pregnancy

In September 2000, Food and Drug Administration of the USA approved certain abortion pills to end an early and unintended pregnancy. The declaration reduced many unhealthy and wrong practices of pregnancy termination as women started getting a proper prescription of abortion pills to end their pregnancy at home. What are FDA approved medicines for a medical abortion? Food and Drug Admi...
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How to Care for Yourself After a Medical abortion?

A lot has been said about the medical abortion procedure and how to administer the MTP kit etc. However, there’s not much information about the after-part of the abortion procedure. When you buy abortion pills and administer them to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of things. The blog talks about what you should be doing immediately after taking abortion pill dosa...
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How should you maintain hygiene during a medical abortion?

Vaginal health is important, whether you are pregnant, undergoing a medical abortion process or living a normal life.  Every woman should pay attention towards her vaginal health. It becomes even more vital to look after your vagina during pregnancy termination process since the vagina becomes vulnerable during this time. Many women still do not understand how to keep their vagina healthy and...
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The Three Most Common Views on Abortion: Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, State Decision

A woman has the sole choice of operating an abortion, right from the beginning. What remains a question is to what extent are the women have been claimed to have the rights utilized. To whichever major extent, keeping the women’s health into account, a person has the exquisite right to protest the practice of pregnancy termination through a surgery or abortion pills is even a major question....
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Advancements In The Healthcare Made Abortion Care Better For Woman.

Today, abortion has become easier than ever before with safe abortion pills such as mifepristone and misoprostol. However, early days were of unhealthy techniques and way difficult than what we have today. We’ll see how the methods of abortion have witnessed an evolution over a period. The technology has evolved to an extent that anything you ask for is reachable only a few clicks away. ...
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How should you administer 2 MTP kits to end an unwanted pregnancy?

Medical abortion is the procedure of terminating an unwanted early pregnancy using a combination of abortion medicines. The criteria for medical abortion primarily concerns the gestation of the pregnancy. Physicians suggest that one can buy abortion pills and end an unwanted pregnancy which is up to 8-10 weeks of gestation. When you buy MTP kit to abort the pregnancy, confirm your gestatio...
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How Can Your Partner Support During An Abortion?

Supporting your partner after an abortion is crucial to help with the progress of recovering. Additionally, it strengthens a bond after a tremendous phase that was previously fragmenting to the relationship. Men are often confused as to what should be done during or after an abortion to help their partners withstand the trauma. Below are some ways guys can help out their better halves while ac...
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