28th September International Safe Abortion Day-Safe Abortion: Women’s Right

international safe abortion day.Before abortion was decriminalized in many countries, there were still abortions taking place. However, as women could not openly learn the methods of safe abortion, there had been many malpractices cases of pregnancy termination leading to fatal consequences.

It clearly shows the need for and importance of education about safe abortion and its decriminalization. The society must understand the reason why women perform abortions. Instead of cursing and boycotting women, the society must think from every perspective. It may help the woman come of out an unwanted pregnancy situation contributes to bettering women health.

Safe abortion day was first celebrated in the year 1990 in Latin America. The women’s global network for reproductive rights declared 28th September as an international safe abortion day. There are still many parts where abortion is considered a crime, however, some states and governments have begun loosening the strict regulations on abortion.

On the occasion of safe abortion day 2018, we’ll see why decriminalizing pregnancy termination is needed in today’s world:

Not legalizing it can lead women to have illegal and unsafe abortions.
Continuing an unwanted pregnancy can lead to a negative impact on the mother and child both. Most abortion cases take place due to health risks to the woman. Continued pregnancy may severely affect the mother or child both. Education about contraception and safe intercourse may reduce the number of abortion in the world.

What is the right way to have an abortion?

There are two methods of abortion. While the surgical method is performed under the guidance of doctors and surgeons in a clinic, medical abortion method can be performed at home.

Surgical abortion method is a bit expensive and usually performed when the gestation of pregnancy is more than 10 weeks. This type of abortion requires surgical instruments being used for suction and hence, there are possibilities of infection to the cervix. A woman must perform surgical abortion from a surgery expert only.

Medical abortion can be performed if the gestation of the pregnancy is up to 8-10 weeks. Since this type of abortion is economical than other methods and helps women maintain their pregnancy, it is one of the widely used abortion methods. That said, abortion pills are still unavailable in certain areas but thanks to technology and online pharmacies. Today, women buy abortion pills online and administer them at home to safely end an unintended and early pregnancy.

Medical termination of pregnancy requires you to have a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Women must note that both medicines are equally important in the process. 1 pill of Mifepristone (200 mg ) and 4 pills of Misoprostol (200 mcg) effectively makes hormonal changes in the body and removes pregnancy tissues through vaginal bleeding.

This safe abortion day, let’s educate at least 2 women about safe abortion practice and create awareness about the importance of abortion care facilities in the country. Also, women must also be educated about safe intercourse practices and contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion circumstances.