Who is eligible for a medical termination of pregnancy.

Eligibility for a Medical Abortion

Medical termination of pregnancy is an easy method which can be performed at home. Since the method is cheaper than the other methods of abortion and it also allows women to enjoy complete privacy, it is one of the widely demonstrated methods in the world.

Before you buy abortion pills, you must understand the eligibility for the medical abortion process. You must also learn the administration of abortion medicines and aware of the after-effects of pregnancy termination. Here are a few guidelines for the medical abortion procedure.

Guidelines for a medical abortion

The age is 18+

In some regions, the state allows women under 18 to perform a medical abortion, after getting parents’ consent on the same. Most teenagers perform unhealthy abortion practices in the fear of parents and society. Such couples/women must be guided properly in order to get the right treatment or solution for the unwanted pregnancy. Women cannot buy abortion pills online as they cannot understand the delicacy of their body and the abortion.

Confirmed Pregnancy status:

Some of the pregnancy-like symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headache etc can sometimes mislead women. All these symptoms may not always confirm a pregnancy. It is advised that women must take a pregnancy test. If you cannot go to a clinic for pregnancy tests, you can simply buy an abortion test kit and perform a home pregnancy test.   Women who have confirmed that they are conceiving can perform a medical abortion at home.

Gestation of the pregnancy:

Medical abortion contemplates ending an early pregnancy. Women who have the gestation of up to 8-10 weeks of pregnancy are eligible to perform a medical termination of pregnancy. If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant, you must look for other options which include surgical methods to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Other medication:

If the woman wanting to end a pregnancy is already on other medications, she must consult a doctor to ensure that the medicines do not interact with the abortion pill constituents. Your healthcare provider may prescribe some other pills or pause your medication for the medical abortion process.


Women who are allergic to any of the abortion pill elements are not advised not to perform a medical abortion. Not only will it lead to an incomplete pregnancy termination, but also increase the complications and health risks during the process. Other women are eligible to end their pregnancy using abortion pills.

Which are the safe abortion pills available in the market?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a pill combination which is widely used in the world to end an unwanted pregnancy. There are alternate options available for medical pregnancy termination. Mifeprex and Generic RU486 can be used instead of Mifepristone while Cytolog can replace Misoprostol for expelling pregnancy contents.

You can buy MTP kit online or an abortion pill pack which is also easily available online and the local pharmacy stores. All the aforementioned medicines and abortion pill kits are equally effective and successfully end your pregnancy when you follow the instructions properly.