FDA approved abortion pills to end an unwanted pregnancy

FDA approved abortion pills to end unwanted pregnancies.

In September 2000, Food and Drug Administration of the USA approved certain abortion pills to end an early and unintended pregnancy. The declaration reduced many unhealthy and wrong practices of pregnancy termination as women started getting a proper prescription of abortion pills to end their pregnancy at home.

What are FDA approved medicines for a medical abortion?

Food and Drug Administration, The US has approved 3 anti-progesterone abortion pills and 2 Prostaglandin abortion pills to end an early and unwanted pregnancy.

For Anti-progesterone tablet:

For prostaglandin tablet:

  • Misoprostol
  • Cytolog

As per the medical experts and FDA, to end an early pregnancy, one must take a combination of one anti-progesterone pill and four pills of prostaglandin element from the tablets listed above.


To terminate an unwanted pregnancy, the Food and Drug Administration requires you to be 18+ in the age factor. Also, the gestation of your pregnancy must be up to 8 weeks, which is, 49 days or less. This is counted from the beginning of the last menstruation date.

In the interest of women healthcare, FDA also requires you to meet the certain qualification to access abortion pills and abort the pregnancy.

Where can you buy abortion pills?

There are many regions in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe where you get abortion pills at the local stores. However, the availability in every region cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, women typically travel from one region to another region in the search of FDA approved abortion pills. There have been cases where women have had to travel from one country to other to access safe abortion pills approved by FDA.

If you look at the financial and other factors, buying abortion pills through local stores becomes a task for many women due to its unavailability. Not only does it become an expensive event for women, but it also takes up a lot of time and efforts to reach a safe pregnancy termination medication center.

On the other hand, the option of online abortion pill purchase is emerging widely in the market. People view an online pharmacy as a convenient option to get medical pregnancy termination medicines.

There are a couple of websites which offer FDA approved abortion medicines to end an unwanted pregnancy. One only has submitted the prescription letter and the user receives abortion pills at home in a few clicks.

The option is convenient, economical and safe. One has to ensure that there’s no fraudulence case with you. To check it with the online pharmacy you have chosen, it is recommended that

In today’s world, buying FDA approved abortion pills has become an easy thing with the help of online pharmacies. Once you receive the pills, understand the procedure thoroughly and follow the same to effectively end your pregnancy. This way, the chances of complications are the least.