How Does A Woman Feel After A Medical Abortion?

Feeling after an medical abortion

Abortion through pills is often preferred over surgeries to end an early-detected pregnancy because of its affordable nature and less intervention of sharps. The choice of an abortion method may solely rely on facts, but the abortion decision, in general, is not easy. A woman has to consider a lot of practical factors like her health and the impact of the decision on her personal relationships which may be mentally stressful. But, a woman need not alter her decision to buy abortion pill thinking it has a prolonged mental impact.

Is Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS) real?

The impact of a medical abortion is more circumstance-related and is not a direct consequence of the working mechanism of the pills.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome is often discussed to be an inevitable effect of abortion but that is not the case. In fact, it hasn’t even been documented as a real disorder. Proponents of the false claims say that PASS is capable of causing chronic depression. Women who are a victim of PASS are claimed to engage in activities of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. They are thought to face drug abuse, anorexia and sleep disorders with an increased intensity.

While one or more of these are possible to occur with a woman, they do not result from the actions of the abortion medication. A woman who has undergone a pregnancy termination procedure may face them due to lack of moral support. And this is irrespective of whether the pregnancy was ended using drugs or through other surgical procedures.

The potential emotional effects

The common psychological effects of an abortion, if the female does not receive enough support for her decision (or in other cases, was forced into it), include

  • Guilt and regret/shame
  • Anger
  • Lowered self-esteem
  • Depression and anxiety

For a majority of women, this is temporary much like the pre-menstrual symptoms. Hormonal changes in the body are sure to cause slight irritability but all of these issues must be resolved in time with the tapering of the abortion symptoms. Moreover, when she starts engaging in her normal everyday routine, she may feel much more relieved from having ended her unplanned pregnancy. The woman then doesn’t feel the emotional pain anymore.

But in cases when a bad relationship with the partner was the reason for an abortion, the impact is reflected in the future relationships to some extent. As a good understanding develops between the two, this is often resolved too.

What makes you more prone to a severe mental impact?

It requires good mental strength to manage the emotions during the abortion phase. You must consider all your past experiences for your reactions to different emotionally draining situations. If you stood through that phase, you can handle the pain from an abortion. However, individuals who have religious beliefs that contradict with abortion or whose acquaintances do so may not gather enough support. It makes them more prone to an adverse impact.

There are also medical conditions that make you a more likely victim of extreme emotions

  • You have been counseled for or were detected with psychological concerns
  • You are far ahead into gestation
  • You are obtaining an abortion for genetic abnormalities in the fetus

How to stay prepared

If you have chosen to undergo an abortion, you must talk to your trusted acquaintances. It is best to avoid isolation or to treat abortion as a shameful experience. Having someone to talk to will keep you comforted even during the process and will prevent any potential adverse impacts.

You can even talk to trained professionals and counselors. If you decided to buy abortion pill kit online, many websites now extend professional support through a live chat service. You can speak to them and get medical advice.

Before you actually take up the process, evaluate your circumstances and avoid any pressure from your family or friends. Be well-informed and stack up all the things that you may require so that there is no situation of panic created during the process. Know what you can expect mentally and physical.