How to Care for Yourself After a Medical abortion?

Caring Of Yourself After Medical Abortion.A lot has been said about the medical abortion procedure and how to administer the MTP kit etc. However, there’s not much information about the after-part of the abortion procedure. When you buy abortion pills and administer them to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of things.
The blog talks about what you should be doing immediately after taking abortion pill dosage. The procedure and after-procedure instructions are explained below.

Relax and rest!

taking rest
After taking the second pill, you’ll experience intense abdomen cramping and heavy bleeding from the vagina. It is advised not to involve in any intense physical activity since the vagina becomes vulnerable during this time. The body too becomes weak due to bleeding and cramping.
You can consider sleeping for a while. Especially after taking Misoprostol. Have a fluid intake during the procedure which would help you keep the body energized. Drink warm milk if possible and then sleep for some time.
There are women who cannot afford to miss work and abort the pregnancy. In such cases, at least avoid going to the office and take work-from-home. The pain suffered during the procedure is only for a few hours. Also, do not stress over work that you’ve taken up. Relax! The more stress and work you’ll take, the more hurdles would it create to fastly recover from the pregnancy termination procedure.

Take painkiller pills:

taking painkiller
You can buy abortion pill pack if you wish to lower the impact of side effects of pregnancy termination pills. The pack contains other medicines apart from the primary abortion medicines. These tablets are taken to mitigate the side effects faced during the abortion procedure.
There are some home remedies as well which help deal with abortion pills after effects. A proper food intake is a crucial factor amongst all of them. Understand the diet to be eaten to recover faster from the medical abortion procedure. Follow the same as it may also help you to deal with the pain encountered during the process.

Use sanitary napkins/pads:

use pad
As discussed already, Misoprostol pill in the drug combination causes passing of pregnancy tissues from the body. This bleeding is typically heavier than the normal periods. It is advised not to use tampons to soak in the blood.
This is essential for two reasons:

(1) Tampons may not be sufficient enough to soak in the blood.

(2) Physicians advise no to insert anything into the vagina during the medical pregnancy termination procedure.
Sanitary napkins or maxi pads is the suitable option before women for the abortion process. 

Taking care of yourself emotionally:

Talk to someone: One of the best ways to deal with stress is by talking about it. Taking an abortion decision is never easy. A woman goes through an emotional trauma. Talking to some loved one help relieve the stress and have a peaceful mind.



Meditation after abortion
Meditation is a peaceful break. Your mind works all the time and bombards you with lots of thoughts. When you’re undergoing a medical abortion, there can be a mental pressure from the family, partner or the society. Meditation can help you to be away from all such thoughts and have your time and peace.

Go back to work if you feel ready: 

go back to work after abortion
If you have followed the instructions and taken the necessary rest during the process of medical abortion, it is easier for you to recover and get back to the routine. The emotional stress and thoughts can eat up your mind. Resuming your work can help you get back to the routine and normal life faster.