How will be the bleeding during a medical abortion process


The medical abortion process involves a medication combination of two drugs: (1) Mifepristone (2) Misoprostol. With the increasing use of the internet, you can easily find Misoprostol online through a dedicated and genuine online medical abortion pharmacy.

The second pill Misoprostol contains prostaglandin constituents in it. It causes uterine contraction which eventually results in cramping. The cramping further leads to vaginal bleeding.

Why do women bleed during the abortion process?

Bleeding during medical pregnancy termination process is a symptom of the process is getting complete. Every user consuming Misoprostol for abortion must experience this symptom of pregnancy termination, without which, the pregnancy will not be ended successfully. The fetus tissues (pregnancy contents) are expelled from the body through this method.

How long does it last?

The vaginal bleeding in women begins within a day after consuming the abortion pill. The bleeding lasts up to a few days which can go up to a week or more. When all the major blood clots are removed from the body,

Is it different than the normal menstrual cycle?

It is indeed different than the normal menstrual cycle. The bleeding pattern is heavier while it may contain blood clots which are similar to the size of lemon at times. The bleeding pattern is not the same for every woman. It varies depending on the body type and gestation period.

The side effects:

The abortion pills have some side effects. They include diarrhea, nausea, sickness, vomiting, migraine etc. However, these side effects are temporary in nature and do not have a long-term impact on the body.


  • Do not insert anything into the vagina.
  • Do not use tampons during the abortion process.
  • Monitor your bleeding and make sure it’s not excessive

In case it doesn’t bleed despite taking the pill?

The possibilities of not bleeding despite taking the abortion pills are fewer. If you do not bleed within 24 hours you can repeat the Misoprostol dosage.

If you followed the instruction as per given to you, the abortion pills show the highest efficacy. As a result, the medical abortion occurs with the least possibilities of complications. If you have bought the abortion pills online, the same website also offers guidance on how to take the abortion pill. Such websites keep women’s health as their priority and hence, they make sure you’re an informed user.