The Three Most Common Views on Abortion: Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, State Decision


A woman has the sole choice of operating an abortion, right from the beginning. What remains a question is to what extent are the women have been claimed to have the rights utilized. To whichever major extent, keeping the women’s health into account, a person has the exquisite right to protest the practice of pregnancy termination through a surgery or abortion pills is even a major question. Based on these dilemmas, there has been segregation of topics behind the abortion and rights debate.

The pro-choice

This movement was termed as a sociopolitical movement that had been predominantly named as the “abortion rights” movement in the United States. It focused on the sole perspective that a woman should have the basic legal right to get Mifepristone and Misoprostol or get a surgical abortion performed. This largely meant to allow oneself to terminate the ongoing pregnancy and be a part of a larger movement focusing on all the nations that discredit a movement where abortion is illegal. The pro-choice movement has been termed as a cumulative effort of a varied organization with no such single focused decision-making body, acting upon.

There was a decision in 1973, which accounts for the US Supreme court’s order putting down and legalize a lot of elective abortion processes in the United States.


Pro-Life movements are simply termed as anti-abortion movements. Ordinarily, they are more focused on debates that arise why abortion should be made illegal and be banned at a lot of places. Anti-abortion movements largely began with an aim as immediate retraction against the practice of abortion and its use in elective processes.

Media at the time represents pro-life movements to defame political parties. Consequently, they are used to putting forward views of one portion of society while defaming and nullifying the opposition’s views.

Pro-Life and Pro-choice endorse values of liberty as well as freedom, at the same time they suggest and portray the opposite group as an anti-life or anti-choice in nature.

State Decision

The decision of state accounts to a major part of the abortion law in the United States. Consequently, it has been subjected to a controversial issue since different states have been subjected to different views stated above. With the onset of the 19th century, a varied account of abortion laws are made to bloom over the United States

A large portion of the Americans is largely stated to be somewhere in the middle of Pro-Life and Pro-choice. A current survey stated by a company named Gallup concluded as high as 50 to 60 percent adult in the United States to be in favor of the pro-choice movement. Additionally, the poll of the set up also represented that Americans portray a unique sense of shifting opinions on the status of legitimate abortion laws. This states the state decision is somewhere resting in between the decisions of the Americans.

With the growth of major conflicts, there have been issues on who is actually right in these fights. Moreover, the basic conclusion of these rights has become more and more heated, at times to a subsequent violence and protest. Nevertheless, even today after decades of protest by both the parties, the view regarding the access to an abortion clinic has been still a pressing issue to be fought.