Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalances In Women


A woman’s bodily mechanism is not as complex as the gender is. In fact, as proper as it is, it acts as a chain of several processes that makes it a top spot for studies related intensely on a human biology. Unhealthy lifestyles, bad food choices and importantly, myths about menstruation phase mostly leads to a heightened issue of hormonal changes.

Speaking of women’s health, the unusual symptoms arise in time with an effect of severe complications.


A major problem faced by hormonal change results in the lack of sleep, unavailability of a sleep cycle. The body responds to a particular phase called circadian rhythm every day. When a woman witnesses the unusual production of hormones from soft tissues, the cycle of circadian rhythm is affected, resulting in the lack of adequate and REM sleep. This results in the accumulation of fat, due to low growth hormone.


The premenstrual symptoms are the most common symptoms of an irregular hormone production in women. It causes all the above problems with an additional issue of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/ Disease where the ovaries are enlarged causing cysts to rise on the edges. This leads to an excretion of unusual Testosterone, acne and hair growth on face and body. Although not entirely curable, PMS and PCOS can be tackled extensively through lifestyle changes. You may buy Ovral G or similar contraceptive pills to regularize the period cycle. Apart from preventing an unwanted pregnancy which is the main use of the birth control pills, the pill also makes the menstrual cycle regular.


As alarming as it is, an over or under production of Progesterone, Estrogen, and Testosterone adds to the negative libido of women. Estrogen production sustains several factors that aid in the proper flow of processes of a woman. With increased production of Progesterone, there could be severe dryness in the Vagina leading to irritation and even painful sexual intercourse. Mostly followed by stress and a disturbed mood phase due to lack of urgency and desire.


High progesterone and little to no testosterone can build fat deposits around several parts of the body of a woman. Women tend to have Alpha receptors of catecholamine hormones mostly in areas below the waist. As a result of the accumulated receptors, women tend to get fat in these areas due to unusual hormonal change. Even high Testosterone aids in severe weight gain mostly in the abdomen. Unusual eating habits during menstruation mostly to this irregular hormone production.


As the hormone level fluctuates, the estrogen hormone drops, women tend to feel low and less energetic. This is similar to the Luteal phase of menstruation where the levels of Progesterone rise causing severe cravings and drop in mood. Just the luteal phase lasts for some days while during hormonal change this is close to being permanent. Often extreme mood swings can hamper relations and social connection.

Remedies can be made starting from picking up a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Proper food intake and periodization of workouts during the menstruation phases (Follicular, Ovulation & Luteal) would help in sustaining the adverse effects faced during these stages. Taking care of cravings and frequently visiting a Gynecologist can also be useful for any unexpected enigma that may arise in the future.

As far as it goes by the saying, life is best enjoyed when health is termed as money!