The Role of Mifepristone in the Abortion Drug Combination

Mifepristone is a widely used product in the abortion pill combination to terminate an unwanted early pregnancy. The role of mifepristone still remains unlearned by women since they do not feel any major change post consumption of the pill. However, not witnessing any changes does not mean that there’s is no contribution to the pregnancy termination process. Mifepristone in an abortion is equally important.

How should you administer the pill?

The tablet can be taken to stop a pregnancy which is up to the gestational age of 8 weeks. When you buy mifepristone online, you administer the medication the day it arrives. A woman is expected to consume this tablet orally with water. After a break of 24 hours, she can take the second pill to complete the abortion dosage and end her unintended pregnancy.




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Progesterone is a hormone which is necessary for the growth of the pregnancy. Mifepristone contains anti-progesterone analog which works against the hormone as a competitive progesterone receptor antagonist. It lowers its endometrial and myometrial effects. The development of the embryo gets detained after consuming the pill. This is followed by the consumption of Misoprostol which results into pregnancy tissues passing through heavy vaginal bleeding.


Side Effects

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The usual nauseous feeling during pregnancy remains the same or increases after administering the tablet. Vomiting, Diarrhea, illness, severe pelvic pain are some other side effects of Mifepristone. Unlike the case of prostaglandin pills, consumption of Mifepristone does not result in heavy bleeding. Rare cases have reported slight bleeding start after the first pill itself which is not worrisome. Every woman may not face the side effects of this pill. The effects are temporary and do not last for more than 3-4 days.



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Try avoiding a heavy meal before consuming the tablet. Drinking alcohol or smoking is strictly not allowed during the procedure.

Learn about your medical history and consult your physician if your body is allergic to elements present in Mifepristone.



Is it possible to end a pregnancy with Mifepristone alone?

The non-invasive pregnancy termination method requires Mifepristone to be followed by the secondary pill. To effectively remove all the fetus contents from a woman’s body, Mifepristone alone may not be sufficient enough to work it out.

Why is the pill important?

The drug is included in the list of most essential medicines by World Health Organization. The immediate response required in the abortion process is given by Mifepristone. Continued growth of a pregnancy can lead to more difficulties in the pregnancy termination procedure. When you administer the pill, it does its job within 24 hours which then can be further used with the second medicine, Misoprostol. To confirm the efficacy of the drug, a woman can perform pregnancy test after 10-15 days once the pills are taken.

The approval of Mifepristone as an abortion medication has led to an increasing number of successful non-invasive pregnancy termination cases in the US, UK and across the globe. Women feel more confident to buy abortion pills online to terminate their early pregnancy since the awareness about medical abortion has also risen.