What are the physical changes that occur after the first intercourse


There are many hormonal changes that occur in your body when you first have sexual intercourse. While many women are unaware of the changes, there’s a misconception in women that you can not get pregnant when you get into the sexual activity for the first time. Untrue! The possibility of getting pregnant cannot be denied even when it’s your sexual activity. If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can buy abortion pills to end it without having to tell anyone. Buying the abortion pills online makes it easier to maintain the privacy.

Firm breasts:

The first time you indulge in a sexual activity, your breasts, may get hurt a bit from both ends. A few days later, the change in the size and its firmness become visible enough to get noticed. The change in your breasts also depends on your level of arousal.

Sensitive nipples:

The estrogen level is high in your breasts and nipples area. The nipples become even more sensitive after you start having intercourse. Speaking of excitement, it’s similar to the vaginal elation. At the time of arousal, You may experience goosebumps while your areola swells. This makes your nipples become hard.

Increased happy hormones:

When you have intercourse, it releases serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin which are also known as happy hormones. The level starts increasing before getting into the action and culminates after the sexual intercourse has taken place. As a result, you mentally become stress-free, comfortable and light.

Expansion and contraction of vaginal parts:

The vagina, clitoris and the uterus become flexible enough to easily expand and contract before, during and after the sexual intercourse. Before and during the sexual activity, your clitoris gets swelled up. The uterus responds to your partner’s sexual movements and arises during intercourse. Later, the sexual organs get accustomed to the activity and it occurs every time you feel aroused.

The vaginal elasticity changes:

An important and the obvious transformation in your body is the changed elasticity of your vagina. When you first have sexual intercourse, the vagina learns to be wider enough to let the penile organ enter there. However, having frequent intercourse activities does not make your vagina lose. Natural childbirth and age are the only factors that can make the vagina lose.

Lubrication of your vagina:

A grown-up woman body does lubricate to keep the vaginal region healthy, although, it happens subtly and it’s a cautious activity. When you begin having intercourse, the lubrication is frequent and noticeable, especially during the love-making. The amount changes as per the menstrual cycle, overall health, diet etc.

Mood swings:

Once you start having intercourse, mood swings are bound to happen. Before, during and after the sexual activity has taken place. Your emotions may get intensified during this period.

While all the aforementioned changes occur in your body, not to forget the body does not wait for you to be prepared for a pregnancy. If you are not ready for it, you can take birth control measures to prevent it. This way, you become prepared to embrace the change.