When Should You Confirm Your Medical Abortion Status?

When to perform a pregnancy test after the medical abortion process plays an important role in determining the successful abortion confirmation. For this, it’s also necessary for a woman to understand how the medical abortion is taking place in her body. Heavy bleeding with blood clots is one of the symptoms of pregnancy termination getting complete. Here’s more explanation of how and when you should confirm your abortion to determine the status.

symptoms of medical abortion completion:

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Consumption of the first pill, Mifepristone stops the pregnancy growth, however, a woman does not necessarily feel any changes in her body.

The second pill, Misoprostol causes uterine cramping which helps pass the fetus parts from the body. The woman undergoing a medical abortion




When is the ideal time to confirm your abortion status?

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As mentioned earlier, the abortion medication process takes around a week to complete. Hormonal changes still take place in the body even though the bleeding stops. This is because your body is taking time to recover from a medical abortion and get back to the normal condition.

The whole procedure goes for approximately two weeks which is why a break of at least 10-15 days has to be kept while you confirm your medical pregnancy termination.




Getting confirmation of your abortion status:

Pregnancy test kit

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If you’re buying abortion pills online, you can easily find the pregnancy test kit online as well on the same website. There’s no specific time to perform the test, however, examining your pregnancy with early morning urine gives you the best results. Here’s how you should be doing the preg-test.

➢ Urinate into a container which is clean and dry.
➢ Hold the pregnancy test strip vertically at the without touching the test window.
➢ Dip the other end (with arrow) into your urine.

If it’s a single line, your abortion is successful and you’re pregnant.
If it’s a double line, the abortion may be incomplete.



Ultrasound test

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The ultrasound test is perhaps the best way to learn your abortion status.

If the test results do not show any gestation sac, it indicates that the medical abortion is complete and you’re no more pregnant.





Consult a physician

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In case you can not determine your abortion status on your own, you can visit a doctor to confirm your medical pregnancy termination. Physicians usually offer guidance for the faster recovery of a woman.

Do not immediately perform a pregnancy test post-abortion medication. Finding fetus particles in the test or a positive pregnancy results do not indicate incomplete pregnancy termination. Keeping a gap of 10-15 days for pregnancy test give your body time to make the necessary hormonal changes and eject all the fetus remainders from your body.

In the case of positive pregnancy results (unsuccessful abortion) even after performing the test after two weeks, you’re required to immediately consult a gynac to attain further medical assistance. 97% of the women who buy abortion pills and undergo a medical pregnancy termination get negative pregnancy results. Your medical abortion is likely to be successful if you have taken the medicines as instructed and abortion care is being taken.