Generic RU486

Generic RU486

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Since approval of generic RU486 abortion drug in France, it is known as a safe and successful method of pregnancy termination all over the world. The medicine is often combined with prostaglandin tablets, and used by over 5 million women in past two decades. Now, it is one of the best medications for ending early pregnancy, which is of 70 days or lesser. The progesterone antagonist medicine is available for all women, and can be bought from our medical outlet, at an affordable price.

200 mg (Generic RU486)
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generic RU586 Working

Acting as anti-progesterone, the tablet ceases pregnancy development by restricting important hormone (progesterone), due to which uterine lining alters and breaks. The fetus parts are repelled from life support, and cervix widens to expel the pregnancy sections, with addition of Misoprostol dosage. Heavy bleeding and blood clots together flush the fetal remains, in a matter of 14 days or less. For in-home ending of pregnancy, the users can buy RU486 online, or speak to their healthcare provider.

generic RU486 Abortion Pill Dosage

As per the FDA label for abortion drug, the person has to intake 200mg of drug, with water orally on first day of ceasing pregnancy. It is easier to access generic RU486 online, where women can order as many as tablets she needs. She can also access the secondary medicine (Misoprostol), required to terminate pregnancy.

Side Effects of generic RU486

The progesterone blocking medicine may pose few mild side effects: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness, headache, fever/chills, abdomen pain, and backache etc. None of the symptoms continue after pregnancy termination.

NOTE: The medication regimen is 98% effective, so women can take RU486 online without doubts, as side effects do not interfere in the working of the tablet.

generic RU486 Abortion Pill Precautions

Users must know all precautions, before they buy generic RU486 online:

  • Do not consume the drug, if diabetic; suffer from hypertension/uterus disease/disorders of liver, kidney, heart, have inherited porphyria, and on long-term corticosteroid treatment, allergic to abortion pills.
  • Do not eat greasy food, smoke, or drink alcohol during the medical procedure, do not drive vehicles, involve in physical workout or sports as well.
  • Avoid medical pregnancy termination, if over 35 years old, diagnosed with severe migraine, ectopic pregnant, over 12 weeks pregnant, not willing to undergo invasive treatment in case the medications fail.

Who can buy generic RU486 online?

Women from any region are eligible to get RU486 online at cheap price. However, they must be at least 18 years of age or above. Those below 18 years cannot access the product from us. We promise quality medicine, and only cheap RU486 cost, beneficial for in-home procedures to end pregnancy.

Things to Restrict During Pregnancy Termination

During abortion, do not take any over-the-counter or prescription medicines, including herbal or recreational supplements, until advised so by a healthcare professional. Know about the drug interactions, or conditions that may disrupt the medicine’s function. Do not take any painkillers without prescription. Do not breastfeed, and if intra-uterine device is implanted, then get it removed before taking the drug.

What is the Medication Use Indication?

generic RU486 is indicated for only pregnancy termination purpose, and must not be taken to treat any other health issue. The medicine is viable for pregnancy of 70 days gestation and lesser for only intrauterine cases. Utilization of this drug in specific population details can be known from a doctor. This product must not be taken if there is bleeding problem or sepsis.

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