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Commonly used in inducing labor/miscarriage, and early abortion, Misoprostol drug is potent for women who need termination of pregnancy within the first 10 weeks of gestation. The tablet is taken for ripening cervix, uterine contractions in the procedure of ending pregnancy. It has other medical uses in treating stomach ulcers, postpartum bleeding, etc. The medicine is 85% safe when taken alone in causing a cease to pregnancy but about 98% successful when combined with primary drug, Mifepristone.It is either taken by mouth or vagina, and has very less side effects. The efficacy of this product has made it a prime agent in performing a majority of early pregnancy terminations across the world. You can obtain Misoprostol online from your home. All the products are checked for their quality function, and delivered to the stated address. For a quick and certain natural miscarriage or pregnancy ending, this drug is one of best options.

200 mg (Misoprostol)
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Misoprostol Working

The FDA approved anti-progesterone drug Mifepristone, which combined with Misoprostol (prostaglandin analogue tablet) results in a complete abortion for early pregnancy. The Mifepristone medicine detaches fetus from decidua uterine lining, and widens cervix, while the prostaglandin tablets help in fully expelling pregnancy sections from the user’s uterus.

The pill causes cramps and contractions in the womb, so the fetal contents are pushed out, and when this happens, you will bleed heavily, and get mild or strong cramping in abdomen. Such symptoms are common and expected part of the treatment.

Dosage of Misoprostol Abortion Pill

In oral/buccal method, place 4 tablets between cheek pouch or under tongue. Give 30 minutes until the medicines melt. Each pill is 200mcg strength. While consuming the contents, intake melted components without spitting any out, but do not use water. For caution, purchase 4 more Misoprostol online, which are to be used, if bleeding does not begin in 4 hours of taking first dose.

For vaginal method, use fingers to put the 4 pills back in vagina close to the womb. You can take up any position (lie, squat etc.) to insert the tablets. Do not douche or wash inside, and let the tablets melt over few hours. For some it may take few days to melt the medication. Preferably use the buccal method, as it is quicker and safer.

Possible Side Effects of Misoprostol

You may feel a bit dizzy after taking abortion pill. Other side effects are temporary, which include headache, vomiting, nausea, abdomen pain, fever/chills, diarrhea etc. There is no need to worry, if these consequences cease after ending the pregnancy.


Before you buy Misoprostol online, follow the below given precautions, and know the contraindications:

  • Do not breastfeed, overdose, and drink alcohol or smoke. Store the medicines in dry area.
  • Avoid Misoprostol abortion pill, if taking blood thinning remedies, on long-term corticosteroid therapy, or have problems with heart, liver, kidney, adrenal gland or uterus.
  • Do not buy Misoprostol online, if over 35 years age, ectopic pregnant, diabetic, allergic to the medication, more than 12 weeks pregnant.

Who can buy Misoprostol Online?

Any woman from anywhere in the world can purchase Misoprostol online. But, she needs to be 18 years old or/and above. Females under this age threshold cannot attain goods from our website. They can speak to a doctor for guidance.

What is Cost of Misoprostol Online?

The pricing of medical abortion pills is very affordable at our site, when compared to many local and internet sources. We charge a minimal amount, not posing additional promotional or hidden costs. Ensuring privacy to customers, our product quality is undeterred even given the low price of the medications. You can buy Misoprostol online at a budget-friendly cost here.

When is Medical Abortion Done?

Before terminating pregnancy with Misoprostol tablets, you need to make certain if pregnancy is indeed present, and the length of it. Normally, the age of pregnancy is counted from the number of days passed from the first day of your last menses. The earlier pregnancy is ended, appropriately less than initial 10 weeks, better the medicine will work. After the first trimester of pregnancy, medical termination is not a recommended option, but surgical method is the best alternative.

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