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NuvaRing is a flexible and small vaginal ring utilized to prevent pregnancy. Women can put the product up to 3 weeks, and then take it out. It contains estrogen and progestin artificial hormone at low doses, and works like regular oral contraceptive tablets. The product has potential to prohibit a pregnancy for a month, after which the user can continue using a new vaginal ring for further protection. Females can buy Nuvaring if they are less than 35 years of age and not close to menopause. It is advisable not to use two rings at same time. Do not store the birth control product above 86°F (30°C).

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Using Nuvaring

Use of vaginal ring birth control occurs over a period of 30 days. Women can buy Nuvaring online, if they do not wish to take oral birth control pills or other means to restrict pregnancy.

  • The female inserts it in her vagina. There is no discomfort during a sexual intercourse. The product fits perfectly inside and generally does not come out.
  • After three weeks, the woman must gently take out Nuvaring and dispose it. The next seven days, she does not need additional contraceptive control.
  • Later to 30 days, the female can get pregnant again. But, if she wants to prevent pregnancy, then she can start with Nuvaring from the 31st day.


The vaginal ring contraceptive stops pregnancy in three different ways:

  • Etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol together does not let ovaries produce or release mature eggs (restricts ovulation).
  • Thickening of cervical mucus obstructs sperm entering uterus (hindering fertilization).
  • Thinning of endometrial uterine tissue, which holds placenta and pregnancy parts (prohibiting implantation).


Seek doctor’s advice in case there is neurological/heart/liver/uterus/kidney problem. Here are further precautions:

  • Do not combine Nuvaring with any other hormonal birth control.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • The product is not meant for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Women cannot buy Nuvaring for causing an abortion or emergency contraceptive.
  • Do not utilize the contraceptive, if there is a known allergy to it.


Some effects of using Nuvaring are headache, weight change, breathing trouble, abdomen pain. In case of serious uterine trouble or an allergic reaction, contact healthcare provider at the soonest. Before women buy Nuvaring online, they must let know doctor about any ill consequences from previously used vaginal rings.

When can Women Buy Nuvaring?

Female can purchase the product from us:

  • If she is 18 years or age or more, is not pregnant and affirms to follow the precautions for safe use.
  • We offer the birth control method at most cost-effective price.
  • However, the effectiveness of the vaginal ring depends on appropriate use of the same.

Can User Take Other Vaginal Medicines/Products?

The efficacy of Nuvaring does not reduce, if vaginal yeast items and spermicides are utilized. Also, the female can insert tampons. But, the birth control must be inserted prior to the tampon. While removing tampon, the ring should not be pulled out. If the ring gets out, re-insert it by mildly rinsing the product once in lukewarm or cool water.

What to do if Nuvaring ejects before 30 Days?

If the vaginal ring is pushed out in less than 3 hours of inserting, wash it and place back inside. If the product has been out of vagina more than 3 hours continuously for week 1, 2 or 3, then reinsert when remembered. Use another contraceptive like spermicides or condom until the ring is in place for a week in a row.

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Amber Cairns

I found the shipping charges a little high, but since I got good quality of pills and in nice packaging I am not disappointed.
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Christina B. Call

My husband doesn't like to use condom. One day, he told about the nuvaring. So I wanted to try that. He had ordered nuvaring through this site. When i use it, I feel comfortable. Great product. thank you.
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