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Ovral g

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If a woman wants herself protected from an unwanted pregnancy, she can have a complete prevention method with Ovral G tablets. These are active birth control methods, used orally to prohibit a pregnancy from happening. However, the medicine treatment must be followed strictly to make ones’ chance to getting pregnant almost negative. Women can buy Ovral G online, and always choose to take a backup option for contraception if they miss a dose.

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Ovral G pill restricts mature eggs from being given out by the ovaries. Sperm then cannot enter uterus with cervical mucus thickening. By these two functions, sperm cannot meet egg. There is no scope for implantation as Ovral G tablets alters uterine lining, breaking it, and causing withdrawal bleeding at the completion of the treatment. Thus, the female taking birth control medicines do not get pregnant on having intercourse.


The Ovral G contraceptive pill dose is divided into two formats, one with 21 active tablets, one pill consumed with water each day same time, and then 7 days of taking no tablets. The other is 28 day cycle, with 21 days same as described, and then 7 days of taking one inert (non-active) pill each day. At the end of 21 day course, in 7 days the female will start with her periods, same as in the 28 day course.

Side Effects

Ovral G birth control side effects are slight, and temporary such as breast tendering, breakthrough bleeding, diarrhea, change in menses date, mood swings, headache, vomiting, change in weight sometimes etc.


  • If taking anti-seizure issues, talk with doctor as to note if these are suitable to be taken with Ovral G tablets. The medication is not for women who are more than 35 years of age or smoke often.
  • Do not buy Ovral G online if there is a history of uncontrolled hypertension, uterus or breast cancer, liver/heart disorder, blood clots in legs/arms/lungs, or serious migraine problems.
  • Avoid Ovral G incase of bleeding disorder, uterine problems, lipid disorder, thrombosis conditions etc.

Is Pregnancy Possible When on Non-Active Pills?

When taking inert tablets as in the case of 28 days treatment (the last 7 days), there is no risk to an unplanned pregnancy. If the whole regimen is followed as directed, then there are 99 percent chances of preventing pregnancy. However, if the woman misses several of active tablets then there could be a risk of unintended pregnancy. It is advisable to use backup birth control such as condoms in case hormonal tablets are missed.

Effect of Birth Controls Pills When Pregnant

If the females has contraceptive pill because she does not know that she is pregnant, there will be no harm done to the baby. There is no studies indication that hormones in these medications cause birth defects. When the person learns she is pregnancy, she should stop using the oral contraceptives.

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I’ve been taking this birth control for like 2 days before and I haven’t had any symptoms. I do feel a little nauseous but it’s worked.
Rating stars 4


Ovral G tablets are beneficial and work fine for me. Ladies go for it without any worries
Rating stars 4