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Plan b

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As an emergency contraception or a backup plan against pregnancy, Plan B One-Step is safe and efficient medication, to be used within 24 to 72 hours of a birth control failure of unprotected sex. The tablet contains same hormone as in regular birth control tablets, but in a higher dose. Its chief ingredient is Levonorgestrel. The product cannot function as abortion pill or protect the person from sexual infections. If used properly, the medicine can allow the woman from not getting pregnant with 100 percent accuracy. The Plan B cost at our store is comparable to lowest price a pharmacy can afford for the best of consumers. Women can purchase this medicine from our medical outlet.

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When women buy Plan B online, they should use it only in emergency case of birth control. The tablet does not let egg and sperm unite by thickening cervical mucus (stops sperm getting in uterus), and prohibiting ovulation (stops ovaries to release). It may prevent attachment of the embryo to uterus, thus deterring implantation.


The pack contains one pill to be orally consumed with water. The birth control medicine is taken within 3 days or 24 to 72 hours later to unprotected intercourse or failure of a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Sooner the tablet is taken, better does it work.


The medicine may shift the menstrual cycle dates by few days earlier or later. But, in case of a long delay, do not ignore a pregnancy test. Here are some more precautions users must care about.

  • Plan B does not work in place of regular contraceptive. It will be effective ‘after’ unprotected intercourse or non-functioning birth control.
  • The product is ineffective if used after 72 hours of intercourse. Utilize the medicine timely for safe results.
  • Popping in additional Plan B tablets will not produce any desirable effects. Overdose must be avoided, along with smoking and alcohol drinking.
  • The female becomes fertile once again when emergency contraception does its job. To stop pregnancy further, take suitable birth control.

Side Effects

The emergency birth control is highly tolerable, but for few it may cause some mild side effects:

  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Tiredness, headache
  • Hot flashes, dizziness
  • Light or heavy periods
  • Moodiness, abdomen pain

Who can Access Plan B Medication?

We offer low and good prices for contraceptive tablets and other medicines. Females can buy Plan B online from However, we only provide products to women over 18 years of age or who are adults. It is advisable not to take birth control method if pregnant.

How to Know the Pill Worked?

When the user gets her next period (must come at expected dates or in a week of the expected dates), she will know that Plan B worked. If the periods are late more than a week, the woman may be pregnant. She must visit a healthcare provider in such instance.

When to Buy Plan B?

Women usually take the emergency contraceptive pill, if other birth control method they were using fails, or if there was unprotected or forced intercourse. Some buy Plan B for family planning, and not to get pregnant without expecting the same. However, the user must not consider this method if allergic to the medicine, or suffering from uterine/heavy bleeding problem.

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Pauline Rasmussen

Just a week back I had a medical abortion at home with the help of this website. The tablets really did work for me. And now it’s time for me to start on with contraceptive pills as I don’t want to repeat the mistake again. I am planning to buy contraceptives from here only.
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I really liked the service. It was very thoughtful of them to deliver the product in careful packaging.
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