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Pregtest Card

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Pregtest card ican as the name suggests, is a pregnancy test kit that operates by detecting the presence of hormone hCG (human chronic gonadotropin) in the woman’s urine specimen. hCG is identified as a pregnancy hormone which is exclusively found in pregnant women. It is a glycoprotein hormone which is secreted during the embryo formation after the fertilization. This presence of this hCG hormone after conception and its rise in levels of concentration during the gestational growth makes it an brilliant marker for early detection of pregnancy.

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The PregTest card online comes in a compact kit pack and is available worldwide.

How do I find out accurate pregnancy results with hCG pregnancy strip test?

The PregTest card procedure is quite simple and user-friendly. It commonly involves –

  • Depositing few drops of urine on the chemical strip of the card or dousing the front tip of the card in a clean cup (where you have collected the urine).
  • It takes few minutes for the chemical strip to soak up enough to determine the results.
  • Straightway, the card measures the level of hCG hormones and displays the results.

Tip for better usage – It is recommended that the person use the pregnancy test as soon as they wake up, as the morning first urine is proven to have more hCG hormone levels.

How pregnancy test card works?

Pregnancy test cards give accurate results when taken at the dawn of the first or initial days of missed menstrual cycle. The chemical strip of the kit contains anti-hCG globulin which can detect a pregnancy at as soon as within one week of gestation depending upon the sensitivity level of the detection card.

How do I know I am pregnant or not?

Positive indication – If you see two red lines after soaking the card, the results denote you are indeed pregnant.

Negative indication- If you see one red line after soaking the test kit, the results reveal you have not conceived.

How does the I-can pregnancy test card tell you if you have conceived?

The FDA approved urine pregnancy test cards are over 99% accurate in lab settings, i.e. if the instructions are followed and you have correctly observed the chemical strip, the results will mostly be accurate.

The PregTest card ‘responds’ to the hCG hormones, produced by the developing embryonic cells and is present in a pregnant women’s blood and urine. Generally speaking, at around seven to ten days after ovulation, there should be enough hCG hormone present in the women’s first morning urine specimen to form the two pink lines (positive signs) on a highly sensitive pregnancy tests kit like this one.

Important note- hCG levels rises at diverse rates among different people. Whether your test shows positive or negative it is recommended that you use the kit after a few days again. An initial negative sign does not foreclose the possibility of conception. Therefore, it is necessary that you utilize morning’s first urine sample and read instruction carefully for correct usage and interpretation.

Tip for better usage – Do not drink large amounts of water before taking the test as it may lead to dilution of hCG hormones in the urine, making detection difficult.

What elements can affect the pregnancy test card accuracy?

There are various variables that correspond particularly with chemical strip to ensure accurate results –

  • Conception date- implantation can take place as soon after ovulation or up to a week or more. Therefore, the hCG hormone production could be started early or late. The date of implantation is a crucial variable because the hCG hormone will not be formed until the fertilized egg’s implantation.

Tip – Keep a track of your ovulation cycle. Not every woman has the same 28-day cycle or the same length of cycle. By basal body temperature charting your ovulation, you can find out your most fertile days and when to begin testing for pregnancy.

  • Increasing levels of hCG- After conception, hCG will be produced varyingly among different women. In most cases it increases in urine specimen swiftly and doubles in concentration almost every day.
  • Sensitivity levels of the test cards- different cards have different sensitivity thresholds. The more sensitive the more early the pregnancy can be detected. You can wait until your first missed periods to take the test. However, if you have a highly sensitive pregnancy detection kit, you can know accurate results before the missed menstrual cycle.

Note- Our FDA approved I-can pregnancy test kit are highly sensitive. If you get pregnancy detection kit, make sure it is within 2 years of manufacturing date.

  • Fertility Drugs – Birth control pills and most medication do not interfere with the results. However, some fertility drugs contain hCG which can cause inaccurate results. There are some fertility medicines that don’t have hCG therefore those do not affect the tests. Therefore, if you are taking fertility drugs, consult a doctor on how will it affect your pregnancy test kit results.

Why should I buy Pregnancy Test Card online?

  • One of the many advantages of using PregTest cards is that it’s instructions are easy to follow.
  • The kit is user friendly and can be used anywhere.
  • Quick detection and results for confirmation for pregnancy results.
  • Benefit of user privacy.

How can I store a HPT card?

  • Do not use a card if it is already soaked or used
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place
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