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An effective birth control pill, Yasmin completely eliminates possibility of getting pregnant till the medication is in use. It is a safe oral contraception option for women. The drug is composed of synthetic hormones, which work to restrict function of causing pregnancy. The process is natural and does not cause health issues. Available in 28 or 21 day course, Yasmin pills are a non-surgical alternative, and a more private way of stopping a pregnancy from taking place.

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Working of Yasmin

For pregnancy, the sperm has to meet an active egg and cause fertilization, when implantation happens, the woman gets pregnant. However, when a female is on Yasmin birth control pill, the ovary stops releasing mature eggs and does not allow sperm to come in the uterus by thickening cervical mucus.
Due to the procedure, fertilization chances are erased, and no embryo gets developed or is implanted, as the uterine lining known to support the egg for pregnancy alters. At the end, the woman experiences period-like withdrawal bleeding.

Yasmin Dosage

In 21 day course, all the Yasmin pills are active i.e. containing synthetic estrogen and progestin, which erodes pregnancy possibility. One tablet is taken everyday with water. The female has to intake the pill at same time each day. After the course, the female bleeds, and she can start with Yasmin medications again from the 29th day, maintaining 7 days gap later to the completion of treatment.

In 28 day course, the 21 days are dedicated to consumption of oral tablets with water, everyday one each at same time. The next 7 days, the female takes orally an inert pill from the pack everyday. Then she can begin with birth control pills from 29th day.

Yasmin Side Effects

Common experiences to the Yasmin are abdomen pain, breast tenderness, headache, nausea, breakthrough bleeding, insomnia, depression, skin rashes or itching, oedema, blotchiness of face temporarily in rare events. In some cases there may be changes in body weight and fluid retention.

Precautions for Yasmin

Go through the precautions about Yasmin birth control pill before seeking the treatment.

  • She must not have a history of otosclerosis (ear disorder), thromboembolic disorder, heart attack, diabetes, lipid disorder, endometrial cancer or breast cancer, or systemic lupus erythematosus.
  • The female should not be allergic to synthetic ingredients in the medication or suffer from liver disease, high blood pressure, stroke, severe migraine, deep venous thrombosis.
  • The user must not combine Yasmin with interacting agents such as barbiturates, penicillin, St. John’s Wort, anti infectives (rifabutin, griseofulvin, rifampicin, and nevirapine), or anticonvulsants (phenytoin or carbamazepine etc.)

What are the Medical Benefits of Oral Contraceptives?

Yasmin tablet not only prevent pregnancy but it can lead to lighter and regular periods by regulating menstrual cycle. It also gives women clearer skin by stopping acne forming. It may take few months to see these improvements.

Also, there are either no or very less menstrual cramps. The medication lessens cancer risks for endometrial and ovaries, and even helps terminate ovarian cysts. It can even protect against ectopic pregnancies.

What Points to Keep in Mind for Safe Use?

The users must always keep a back-up birth control to Yasmin, like condoms or spermicidal foams in case they forget to take the tablet. As missing active tablet dose can increase pregnancy chances, never forget to take the medications along if traveling elsewhere. Do not wait for the last minute to purchase refills.

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